Daniel grew up in Gorinchem (Holland) where he started his interest in football at the age of 5. He joined the local football club ; allthough he was a talented player , he never reached the top.
When he watched games on television as a child, he always wanted to be like the football players that were skillful, such as Diego Maradona, Marco van Basten and Ronaldo. From that day on Daniel started to train alot at home in the garage to improve his technical abilities.

During the mid 90's Daniel got really interested in football freestyle. Inspired by the famous clip of Maradona (life is life), circus artists and later on several Nike commercials, Daniel started to train juggling/football freestyle every day for many hours.
He found out that if you practice hard and disciplined, you can do everything you want. He started to create his own style and tricks, and became well known of his amazing football tricks. He also realised there was no future in 'normal' soccer for him, so he decided to focus on just football freestyle. Things got really serious in 2003 when people started to notice his talent in the Netherlands. There was a competition on the internet where people could send in their moves on video. Daniel won this competition and started to perform all around the country very soonafter.

Afterwards more and more requests for shows came up from all around the globe...and Daniel started to travel around the world doing shows as a professional football freestyler. Now he has performed in places such as Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Brazil, Holland, Ireland and many more....

Big companies like Redbull and SAP noticed his talent and asked him to perform in advertisements. 2008 was a very good year, when Daniel came 3rd on the European Championships football freestyle in Austria and he managed to reach the Quarterfinals of the World Championship in Brazil. Daniel has a clothes sponsor, a dutch company named : MontaSoccer.
Rbss South Africa
Allthough Daniel has achieved alot during the last 5 years , he still feels it's the beginning of his career and there alot more to come ... Daniel continues to have a great attitude into his work and in life. His positive and friendly character has enabled him to build up an impressive client base in which he wishes to continually grow over the coming years.

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